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About Us

Frontrunners is a ministry led by Tom and Femke de Wal. Its mission is to raise up Frontrunners that are sold-out for God's Kingdom, a generation full of faith and power in the Holy Spirit.

About Frontrunners

In 2016, God called Tom and Femke to found Frontrunners giving them the mission to raise up Frontrunners (1 Corinthians 9:24). Frontrunners has been tasked with raising up a generation that is totally sold out for the Kingdom of God - a generation full of faith and power in the Holy Spirit.

This comprises both reaching out to people who don't know God and equipping those that are fully committed to the Kingdom of God, fulfilling their purpose and answering their calling. Frontrunners, with its team of {WerknemersInDienst} employees, is fulfilling its mission from God by building a comprehensive platform with all sorts of activities and events to reach and equip people.

1 Corinthians 9:24

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you can obtain it.

How Frontrunners Began

Tom and Femke de Wal launched Frontrunners in 2016. Tom came to a living faith in Christ via a Youth Alpha Course, when he was 16-17, and met his wife at church. Femke went to the church after she gave her life to Jesus when she was 17. Femke was healed in a very special way when she was young and has always experienced the hand of God on her life. Tom and Femke worked as youth, teen, worship and Bible School leaders at the church for a number of years. Femke spent a year at a Bible School in England before they got married in 2015. Tom got his Bachelor’s degree in Integral Safety & Security Management and spent another two years studying Biblical Theology after he had founded Frontrunners. Tom and Femke have three children and live in Noord-Brabant.

Tom operates powerfully in the teaching & prophetic gifts, which allows him to always bring a word that is strongly supported and confirmed with signs and wonders. Many people have found healing, freedom and breakthrough through Frontrunners’ meetings that they attended. Femke operates powerfully in prophecy and worship. If you read Toms books or listen to his messages, you will quickly notice that radicality, faith and the power of the Holy Spirit mark his teaching.

Tom is not afraid to be on the cutting edge of faith. This marks his life and therefore his teaching. What's more, this often makes the most impact on the lives of the people that hear his teaching. Tom’s favorite Bible text is Mark 9:23: “Anything is possible for one who has faith.”

Message and Ministry

It is our desire is to raise up a generation that is sold out for God. We do this by providing Biblical teaching about faith, provision, healing, deliverance and the identity and authority of a believer.

Birthed from the passion we have for the message God has given us, we use every possible method God gives us to spread His Word: offline in meetings, online in videos and in printed books. What is more, we believe that everyone should have access to God’s Word, and that is why we make all our teaching available for free and that includes our conferences, events, Bible Schools and all our books! Tom has written {BoekenGeschreven} books of which over {BoekenGedrukt} copies have been printed in Dutch alone!

Matthew 10:8

Freely you have received, freely give.

The Team

Frontrunners has {WerknemersInDienst} paid employees who work towards its vision in many and varied areas such as event organization, day-to-day Bible School coordination, shooting and editing videos and marketing of everything that Frontrunners does.

Would you like to join us in building God's Kingdom?

Would you like to join us in fulfilling the mission God has given us? Would you like to volunteer or support the Kingdom of God with your business services? What's your passion? We are always looking for volunteers to join our worship, support, media, hospitality and language teams.